Rep by Rep


Admittedly I have been slacking with the updates.  After 50-40-30, DOMS set in and I was out of commission for two straight days.  Since then I have been back to strength days and did a double day on Monday.  The strength workout was a 5-3-2 x2 wavelength back squat.  The 2RM was 125.  That is NOT my PR, but I had been off for a month and am more concerned about proper form than I am about throwing weight on foolishly.  I could definitely lift more than 125x2 for sure.  It feels good to know that my muscle mass wasn’t compromised from my time off.  I also did not gain any weight!

I took off a month for a few reasons.  One was visiting my family in Florida, where my niece and I painted our nails:

Today is an induced rest day because I missed AM strength and I’ll be seeing Taking Back Sunday tonight.  It has been 10 years since TAYF was released and I am so, SO excited to hear that album played front to back in its entirety.  It’s going to be an emotional experience, to say the least!

Back to business!!!!!!

For time:

1000m row

50 wall balls then 50 kettlebell swings

40 wall balls then 40 kettlebell swings

30 wall balls then 30 kettlebell swings

I used an 8 lb wall ball and a 32lb kettlebell.

Time: 28:00 

Feels good to be back! I allllmost didn’t go last night, but the workout was so brutal that I forced myself to go.  If we shy away from what we fear then it hinders our progression.  I am doing my first Crossfit competition on December 9th, so I am back with a vengeance. 

Bands I’ve Seen Live

System of a Down

Rob Zombie
No Doubt
Catch 22
The Aquabats
Streetlight Manifesto
Taking Back Sunday
Brand New
Between the Buried And Me
August Burns Red
Reel Big Fish
Dashboard Confessional
New Found Glory
Big D and the Kids Table
Flogging Molly
Dropkick Murphys
Sugar Ray
Marcy Playground
Motion City Soundtrack
The Ataris
All American Rejects
Andrew WK
Straylight Run
The Starting Line
Blink 182
Limp Bizkit
Explosions in the Sky
Wu-Tang Clan
From Autumn to Ashes
City and Colour

I realized I was starting to forget which bands I have seen live, so here’s a list for myself to revert back to if my memory ever gets a little foggy :)

List of protein sources and grams per serving

Eggs - 1 egg 8 grams of protein
Steak - 7 oz steak 34 grams of protein
Chicken - 3 oz breast 24 grams of protein
Turkey - 3 oz breast 22 grams of protein
Tuna - 3/4 cup 15 grams of protein
Fish - 3 oz 24 grams of protein
Peanut butter - 2 table spoons 8 grams of protein
Beans - 1 cup 10 grams of protein

The last two I rarely, rarely eat but it’s worth noting.  Since I am taking the month off from Crossfit, I have been supplementing with cardio.  Thursday and Friday I ran a total of 4.18 miles and Saturday and Sunday I biked a total of 31 miles. I’m  looking to treat this month as a cut to get my body fat % down, so I will be biking at least 36 miles per week and running as much as my asthma will let me run.  I’ve also been starting to weigh my protein so I can get at least the required amount to maintain my muscle mass so I don’t lose anything over the course of this month.   I will have to take some protein in the form of a drink if I want to maintain my muscle mass and continue to lose weight.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

18 mile bike ride from Point Lookout, NY to Atlantic Beach completed!  It was 36 degrees when I woke up, so I packed a scarf and some gloves.  Picked up my friend Angie and met two other girls, Patty and Tanya that I know from Crossfit Garden City.  We took a water taxi from Freeport to Pt Lookout and basically biked the entire Long Beach stretch.   Patty and Tanya ended up running an 8 mile loop. It ended up being about 50-55 degrees outside, which was chilly but when you’re active it really doesn’t affect you.  We stopped for some lunch, went to a street fair and then took the water taxi back home.  I plan on biking another 18 miles through Bethpage State Park tomorrow.  So, to recap!  Thursday PM - 2.09m run, Friday AM - 2.09 mile run, Saturday - 18m bike ride

Form is shit, but I’m working on it!  First one-handed handstand evarrrr!

Form is shit, but I’m working on it!  First one-handed handstand evarrrr!

Making due

Handstands, knees to chest, situps, pullups, squats, planking, and going for a run tonight.  I’ll be damned if I let myself crumble in the next month without Crossfit.  I’m going to use this month as a cut to get myself lean.  Come November, it’s double time. 


I calculated my BMR and it’s 2195 which means that with my current fitness level, in order to drop weight I would have to consume between 1600-1700 calories per day to lose one pound a week.

On a completely separate (and unfortunate) note I will be taking a month hiatus from Crossfit.  My half sleeve is healing and it is extremely restrictive, especially in a Crossfit setting.  I go in for another session next week, which will put me on the sidelines for another week or so.  Then, I’ll be going on vacation to visit my family and I’ll be needing to save money for that.  I’ll be supplementing the absence with bike riding, squats, and other non-restrictive body weight exercises.  It’s going to suck a little, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes.

Running beast

My good friend Brian has gone running every day for the past 58 days.  So far he’s ran 322 miles, for 40 hours: 25 minutes: 16 seconds.

I’m not a runner by any means, but his dedication is very inspiring and motivating :)  He is new to Tumblr, so if you’d feel so inclined please follow him at: